Who We Are

Founded in 1988, OCATI S.A produces, packs and commercializes fresh fruit and vegetables in Colombia and in 27 other countries. We also heat dry physalis.

Our first fruit order was sent out the same year we started our business (40 boxes of Physalis, air-shipped to Germany); since then we have been busy increasing our product line to include the full spectrum of Colombian exotics like purple passion fruit and berries, including the popular blueberry. We have also set up a reliable logistical network to ship some of our hardier fruits by sea (the more perishable ones are shipped by air), and we have gained access to markets in North and South America, Europe, Russia, Asia, and the Middle East.

Since the beginning, our company values and business philosophy have circled around three core principles: sell the highest quality products available, support both local and global communities, and practice environmental stewardship. We believe that through conscientious production and distribution processes we can offer our customers high quality fruits and vegetables, as well positively impact our farmers, our team, and the environment.