Social Responsability

OCATI® is deeply committed to its staff and we are proud to be certified under the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (Sedex) and the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI). These standards guarantee the following for our staff:

In addition to guaranteeing our staff fair working conditions, we have also set up a fund for employees, where they can keep their savings and benefit from above average interest rates. Members can borrow money from the fund for emergencies, for education purposes, and to build or repair their homes. Over the years the fund has helped staff that do not own their own homes to build ones for themselves. Through this program, the fund purchases suitable plots of land, divides them, builds internal roads, installs water and sewer systems, and finally, provides electricity and phone networks. Once this process is complete, the fund sells the lots to members at below market value, it helps members find and access any available construction subsidies, and it offers them competitive loans for the construction of their home.

OCATI® also offers its staff, and their children, 8 university scholarships each semester. Scholarship recipients may receive up to 100% of their tuition fees starting the second semester for the local university or college of their choosing. To receive the scholarship the following semester, students must demonstrate satisfactory academic progress. Through this program, more than 9 students have graduated so far with degrees in Psychology, Physiotherapy, Business Administration, Industrial Engineering, Aviation, Logistics, and Computer Networks among others.

OCATI® offered all employees a free eye exam and provided financial aid to all of those in need of corrective eyewear.

Recently, OCATI® has conducted two-month-long sports activities for all employees including volleyball, soccer, zumba, ping pong a typical colombian game called “rana”.

OCATI® also contributes to a number of foundations by providing monetary donations, fruits, and vegetables. Last year we donated approximately 10 tones of fruit, and over the course of two years we doubled our monetary donations. These are the foundations we support: