Environmental Care

OCATI’s® commitment to protecting the environment goes well beyond our responsible operating practices and our sustainable use of water and energy; we aim to give as much back to nature as we can. With this in mind, we have planted around 7,000 hardwood trees in our six-hectare farm in Anapoima, Cundinamarca. Species include: Teak, Melinas, and Mahogany, which is critically endangered in Colombia. The Melinas have been planted specifically to provide a sustainable raw material to manufacture our wooden pallets, which are used for overseas transport.

Additionally, OCATI® is an active contributor of Fundación Nacederos, which has been acquiring land since 2004 for reforestation purposes with native species and the preservation of natural water sources. So far, OCATI® has donated nearly USD$40,000, which have been used towards three important projects: