How We
Farm Matters

We sell great looking fruits and vegetables to local and worldwide customers. But that's only a small part of our story. It's how we do it that makes a huge difference not only on our product's quality, but also on our farms, our staff and our environment. Bees have become the symbol for the way we care about each step of our production process. When we first heard that bees were dying in many parts of the world and that certain insecticides were suspect of causing this death, we immediately stopped using them. We went a step further and have since significantly reduced all pesticide applications in our fields as well as our partner grower's farms through intense research efforts. Since then we have had success in replacing some chemically synthesized pesticides with more benign organic control methods. We are proud to say that diminishing pesticide applications is still an important initiative at OCATI and will continue to be so for many years to come. The same caring and responsible philosophy applies to many social and environmental initiatives that we either support or carry out ourselves. You can learn more about them by clicking on the following links. It might not be obvious that two fruits are different when you see them. But dig a little deeper and it will be.
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What Ocati Offers


Full product line of Colombian exotic fruits

Even though we focus most of our energies on our main items like Physalis (Cape Gooseberries), Passion Fruit, Granadilla, Tamarillo, Baby Banana and Pitahaya, we also offer ultraexotics like Lulo, Mamoncillo (Quenepas) and Baby Mango amongst other. Visit our Products section for a list of our items.



We are committed to offer fruit that meets the strict maximum residue limits set by EU standards. In order to do so, we rely on an experienced team of agronomists that monitor our fields permanently as well as constant sampling of our fruits in accredited labs in Europe.



Our customers appreciate that we are obsessive about offering the best service we possibly can. Demanding supermarket chains, wholesalers, and importers contact us when they need a committed partner that can be relied on to meet the market needs.



OCATI® produces and trades Colombian exotic fresh fruit to our worldwide customers. In order to meet the needs of demanding importers, wholesalers and supermarkets we rely on a profound understanding of the market, an efficient packing operation and an expert knowledge of the fruit production process.



We are proud to offer year-round availability of most our major fruits, including Physalis (Cape Gooseberries), Passion Fruit, Granadilla, Tamarillo, Baby Banana. Due to its complicated production season, Pitahaya is an exception to this rule; however we offer this fruit at least 45 weeks every year.



Backed by our IFS Food v6 certified packing house and GLOBALGAP certificates for our major fruits, we strive to offer a consistent top quality exotic fruit to our customers.